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 ====== TR1 ====== ====== TR1 ======
 +<note tip>When loading a save game, classic TR games read the name and number and then load everything after that directly into the game RAM, without checking anything. That's why savegames from original versions don't work in multipatched versions (and make the game crash). It also makes the "​struct-ification"​ of the format very hard, as it would need decompiling the whole game (which is already being done for TR1 by some awesome people). The way the game works also makes the savegames extremely level-dependent,​ at least for the entity info part (which is yet to be documented here) as when creating a new game, the game simply loads the level data in RAM, and when saving it writes that down in a file. Understanding a savegame file completely therefore requires having the original level file the savegame is for.</​note>​
 <code cpp> <code cpp>
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