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Engine limitations

A limit of “None” means that the field is only limited by its size (8-bit, 16-bit, etc.)

Any other limit means that the engine purposely checks that the value is less or equal than a hard-coded value.

The limits are inclusive.

A greyed empty cell:


means that the field doesn't exist in that engine version.

These numbers are from the PC version of the games. The PSX versions may have different limits. TODO.

Field TR1 TR2 TR3 TR4 TR5
NumImages None
NumRoomImages None
NumObjImages None
NumBumpmaps None
NumRooms 1024
NumFloorData None
NumMeshData None
NumMeshPointers None
NumAnimations None
NumStateChanges None
NumAnimDispatches None
NumAnimCommands None
NumMeshTrees None
NumFrames None
NumModels None
NumStaticMeshes None
NumObjectTextures 2048 4096 None
NumSpriteTextures None
NumSpriteSequences None
NumCameras None
NumFlybyCameras None
NumSoundSources None
NumBoxes None
NumOverlaps None
NumAnimatedTextures None
AnimatedTexturesUVCount None
NumEntities 256 None
NumAIObjects None
NumCinematicFrames None
NumDemoData None
NumSoundDetails None
NumSamples None None
NumSampleIndices None
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