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 ====== Non-Player Character Behaviour ====== ====== Non-Player Character Behaviour ======
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 }; };
 </code> </code>
-In ''%%OverlapIndex%%'', the high bit is sometimes set; this occurs in front of swinging doors and the likeThat basically means they are unpassable by large enemies, like the T-Rex.+The ''%%OverlapIndex%%'' contains a block mask for path finding by enemies in two highest bits: Bit 15 (blockable) and bit 14 (blocked)The first one marks it as unpassable by large enemies, like the [[:items:details:tr1:trex|T-Rex (ID 18)]], the [[:items:details:tr1:mutant|Mutant (ID 20)]] or the [[:items:details:tr1:centaur|Centaur (ID 23)]] and is always set behind doors. The second one marks it unpassable for other enemies and is set for movable blocks (if blockable bit is set), for closed doors and for some flip maps (set at start).
 === Overlaps === === Overlaps ===
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