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 ...where $P_{whole}$ is whole part of mixed float (signed for ''fixed'', unsigned for ''ufixed16''), and $P_{frac}$ is fractional part (unsigned). ...where $P_{whole}$ is whole part of mixed float (signed for ''fixed'', unsigned for ''ufixed16''), and $P_{frac}$ is fractional part (unsigned).
 +The reason why such complicated setup was invented is to avoid using floating-point numbers. In 90% of all cases, Tomb Raider engines use integer numbers, even
 +for geometry calculations and animation interpolations. The root of this setup lies in multi-platform nature of the code, which was simultaneously written for PC and PlayStation. While PCs had enough computational power to deal with floats at that time, PlayStation relied only on integers.
 +However, some internal variables and constants (like drawing distance, fog distance constants and some light properties) are PC-specific and stored in floating
 +point numbers. Also, last game in series, TR5, extensively used floating-point numbers for certain data types – like colours, vertices and coordinates.
 ==== Data Alignment ==== ==== Data Alignment ====
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