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 tr_textile8 Textile8[NumTextiles];​ // 8-bit (palettized) textiles (NumTextiles * 65536 bytes) tr_textile8 Textile8[NumTextiles];​ // 8-bit (palettized) textiles (NumTextiles * 65536 bytes)
 tr_textile16 Textile16[NumTextiles];​ // 16-bit (ARGB) textiles (NumTextiles * 131072 bytes) (absent from TR1) tr_textile16 Textile16[NumTextiles];​ // 16-bit (ARGB) textiles (NumTextiles * 131072 bytes) (absent from TR1)
 +// "​VICT.TR2"​ stops here, nothing after
 uint32_t Unused; // 32-bit unused value (4 bytes) uint32_t Unused; // 32-bit unused value (4 bytes)
 uint16_t NumRooms; // number of rooms (2 bytes) uint16_t NumRooms; // number of rooms (2 bytes)
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